City Secretary

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The City Secretary is an officer of the City, appointed by the Mayor and City Council. The position of City Secretary is a statutory position required by State law and the City Charter. The purpose of the office of City Secretary is to:

  • Provide support, assistance and information to the City Council so they have the resources they need to make decisions.
  • Preserve the City documents so the City Council, City employees and citizens of Richland Hills have timely and convenient access to City records and may stay informed.
  • Provide election services to voters and candidates so they may be involved in the decision making process.


  • The Office of the City Secretary is responsible for minutes for City Council meetings and for ensuring compliance with the Texas Open Meetings Act.
  • The City Secretary maintains the official records of the City including minutes, contracts, agreements, ordinances, and resolutions and handles all Public Information Requests in compliance with the Texas Public Information Act.
  • The Office provides support to the City Council and its various committees and provides information to the City Council, City staff and citizens. The Office of City Secretary is responsible for City elections and Records Management.

In addition to the duties listed above, the City Secretary:

  • Serves as custodian of the City corporate seal and attests the Mayor's signature on all official documents
  • Publishes legal ads and notices for the City
  • Receives bids
  • Receives Alcoholic Beverage applications and fees
  • Maintains all City Council minutes
  • Posts all legal notices and agendas
  • Oversees the City Secretary and City Council Department budgets