Bulk Pickup

2023 Bulk Pickup Dates

  • February 13
  • May 15
  • August 14
  • October 16

Bulk Pickup Requirements

Bulk Pickup is a residential service. Commercial properties can schedule a bulk pickup date for an additional fee by contacting Republic Services.

Please note Republic Services will not pick up items that do not follow the below requirements. Items not following these requirements will be tagged as non-compliant and must be removed by the resident. Residents can schedule a special pickup with Republic Services for items exceeding the allowable amount. Contact Republic to schedule a special pickup.

  1. Placement of Bulk Items
  2. Acceptable Bulk Items
  3. Unacceptable Bulk Items

Per City Code, items placed out for quarterly Bulk Pickup may be placed at the prescribed curbside location no earlier than the Saturday preceding the week before Bulk Pickup is to begin (nine days) and not later than 7 am the scheduled day that Bulk Pickup begins. 

Please keep bulk items off sidewalks so pedestrians can continue to have access.

Republic Services will begin pickup on the above pickup dates at 7 am and will continue the pickup process until all sections are complete. After a section is complete, Republic will not return for items placed out behind the collection crews.