Wastewater Maintenance Division


The Wastewater Division strives to protect the health of the citizens of Richland Hills by reducing sanitary sewer overflows and proper cleaning of sewage spills. Employees regularly camera and inspect the 60 miles of sewer mains throughout the City to monitor the condition of the lines and to prevent blockages and sewer overflows. Sewer stoppage has top priority, followed by replacement and upgrade of the 60 miles of sewer mains in the system on an as need basis.

Sewer Backups

Citizens experiencing sewer back up problems should contact the Public Works Department before contacting a plumber. Wastewater personnel will investigate and determining if the problem is in the City main or on the customers side of the line. If the problem is in the City main, City crews will resolve the problem. If the problem is on the customer's side, the residents will be notified and advised to contact a plumber.