Crisis Support Unit

The Richland Hills Police Department's Crisis Support Unit is designed to assist those who are visiting or live within our community that are experiencing a mental health crisis. 

The Richland Hills Police Department partners with Haltom City and Watauga Police Departments. The unit consists of a masters level mental health professional, along with specially trained and TCOLE certified mental health peace officers within each department. 

The goal of the crisis support unit is to reduce the stigma of mental health, mitigate the fear associated with law enforcement, and provide a coordinated response and follow up to those in need. The Crisis Support Unit will attempt to divert citizens from the criminal justice system towards treatment alternatives when possible.

Crisis Support Unit Objectives

  • Responds to calls for service involving those with various diagnoses that are experiencing a crisis
  • Performs follow ups in home and via phone to assist in coordination of resources
  • Assists with critical incidents as a resource
  • Provide Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and the Mental Health Peace Officer Certification training (MHPO) to officers

Helpful Contacts