Volunteers in Police Service

Volunteers are the heart of America!

Volunteer Opportunities

Richland Hills Police Department is recruiting volunteers to work in the police department in a variety of assignments. These "opportunities" include:

  • Clerical assistance
  • Computer work
  • Assisting with crime prevention and security surveys
  • Assisting with special events/programs

Goals of the Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) Program

The goals of the VIPS program include:

  • Increasing citizen awareness of police programs, policies, and issues
  • Utilizing citizens' knowledge, skills, and abilities to enrich the quality of life within our community

Objectives of the VIPS Program

The objectives of the VIPS program include the opportunity to enable the public to provide more input in the development of their community and to provide an increased level of community involvement in public safety-related matters.

How to Apply

Applications (PDF) can be returned to the Police Department or emailed to Ashley Meine, VIPS Coordinator.

As a VIPS volunteer, you can make a difference!