Sex Offender Monitoring Program

Sex Offender Ordinance

In 2006, the Richland Hills City Council approved Richland Hills City Ordinance Chapter 58, Article V which restricted the locations where convicted sex offenders could reside within the city. The Ordinance includes the following:

  • Prohibits sex offenders and sexual predators from living within areas where children congregate in large numbers
  • Provides for restrictions on renting, leasing, or providing living quarters to convicted sexual offenders against children
  • Provides for a map depicting prohibited areas
  • Prohibited residences of offenders from being within 1,500 feet of city parks, schools, public/commercial/semi-private swimming pools, daycare centers, and amusement arcades/parks

High Intensity Sex Offender Monitoring Program

In response to the update in the Sex Offender Ordinance, the Richland Hills Police Department developed an High Intensity Sex Offender Monitoring Program. The program allows officers to closely track convicted sex offenders residing within the city limits. Each Officer involved in the program are assigned specific sex offenders and performs the following duties:

  • Meet offenders and give expectations
  • Check offenders according to risk levels
  • Photograph any changes in offenders' appearance
  • Report non-compliance and assist investigators during issuance of warrants
  • Give instructions to offenders during special Holidays (i.e. Halloween)