Standard Permitting Procedures


Permitting within the City of Richland Hills is a function of Development Services, which is charged with the enforcement of the 2018 International Building Code, 2018 International Residential Code, 2018 International Fire Code, 2018 International Plumbing Code, 2018 International Mechanical Code, 2018 International Property Maintenance Code, 2017 National Electrical Code and other applicable codes as adopted by the City of Richland Hills.

The purpose of the codes are to provide minimum standards to protect the safety, health and general welfare of the public by regulating and controlling the design, construction, quality of materials, use and occupancy, location and maintenance of all buildings and structures through a program of permitting, plan review, inspection and enforcement.

  1. Work Requiring Permits
  2. Work Exempt from Permits
  3. Prerequisites

A permit application is required for all construction work with the only exceptions being those identified in the 2018 International Building Code and 2018 International Residential Code. A partial list is included below.

Construction work includes but is not limited to:

  • New construction
  • Demolition
  • Remodels and additions
  • New mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural systems
  • Replacement or repair of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and structural systems with modifications
  • Temporary power connections
  • Irrigation system installations
  • Other types of projects such as:
    • Signs, fences, driveway approaches and swimming pools