Victim Assistance

Joint Crime Victim Assistance Program Shared Services Seal

Crime Victims officers can assist you in applying for benefits from Crime Victims’ Compensation (CVC). Upon request, they can provide you with the claim form, can send the claim form and required documentation to CVC, and notify service providers that a claim has been applied for and the status. Please allow them to assist you in obtaining benefits if you feel that you qualify.

The Victim Assistance Program exists to provide assistance to crime victims and their families. Services provided include:

  • Crisis counseling/short term counseling
  •  Criminal justice support
    •  Criminal justice system information
    •  Referral to assigned detectives
    •  Status of case information
  • Information & referral to local social service providers
  • Notification & assistance in filing for Crime Victims’ Compensation
  • Assistance with evidence return
  • Personal advocacy
  • Training to law enforcement, community groups and other agencies