What is CAPTURE?

CAPTURE is a program designed to obtain and collect information about privately-owned security camera systems used by citizens at their residences. Knowing the type of security camera system used and the location of the exterior cameras greatly assists the Police Department when investigating crimes that have occurred in the area. Video evidence is an important tool used in identifying, apprehending, and convicting criminals who commit crimes in our community. By participating in the CAPTURE program, you can help the Police Department further its goal of enhancing safety and security for all residents.

How does it work?

  • Resident or business located in Richland Hills completes this short enrollment form, which adds this information to the CAPTURE database.
  • A crime occurs in the area of your neighborhood or business.
  • A police officer responds to the call to investigate the crime.
  • The responding officer or detective opens the CAPTURE database to determine if there are any nearby residences or businesses that have enrolled in CAPTURE and are willing to be contacted to provide possible video evidence.
  • The police officer or detective will contact the resident or business and provide a time period to be researched for possible video evidence captured.
  • If the video is available, the police officer or detective will request a copy of the video from the camera owner. This can typically be done through an email or by copying the video to a flash drive.
  • The useful video is included with the police report which could aid in prosecution.

*Information provided to the Richland Hills Police Department regarding your camera systems will be for official use only. Your personal information will remain confidential and will not be distributed except as required by law or court order.

If you work or live in Richland Hills and you have an exterior security camera and are willing to partner with the Richland Hills Police Department, please complete the form to register for this program.