Citizen Survey

Citizen Survey Results

The City of Richland Hills commissioned OnPointe Insights to conduct a citizen survey from January 31 to February 20, 2023. A total of 410 surveys were completed with a plus or minus 4.8% margin of error. The online survey measured local issues such as quality of life, development/growth, services provided by the City and future priorities. 

Highlights from the Survey Findings

  • Citizens love the accessible location of the City. They like that the City is safe, secure and generally peaceful, and they appreciate the small town feel. 
  • When asked on a scale of 0-10 how likely they would be to refer Richland Hills to friends or family as a good place to live, survey respondents indicated likely with 63% answering 7/10 or higher.
  • When asked about the direction of the City:
    • 64% of survey respondents said that the City is headed in the right direction
    • 75% stated the City has stayed the same or improved over the past 3 years
  • The following are the top five City departments that citizens interacted with the most over the past six months along with the service rating they received:
    • Police Department: Very Good/Good (87%)
    • Animal Services: Very Good/Good (75%)
    • The Link Event & Recreation Center: Very Good/Good (81%)
    • Code Compliance: Very Good/Good (32%)
    • Utility Billing: Very Good/Good (78%)

The City offers a variety of special events. When asked which ones are very important to them and their families, survey respondents said:

  • Environmental events such as hazardous waste and document shredding
  • Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Red, White and YOU Celebration

Opportunities for Improvement

Survey respondents were asked to prioritize several topics in order of importance. The following were highly prioritized and identified as areas where citizens felt the City should devote increased attention:

  • Maintain/improve streets, curbs, sidewalks 
  • Maintain/improve city infrastructure (water, wastewater, storm drainage)
  • Ensure infrastructure can support growth
  • Attract new restaurant business
  • Ensure public streets and roads can support growth
  • Upgrade current drainage infrastructure
  • Pedestrian safety (trails, sidewalks, crosswalks)

Results of the citizen survey will be used over the next several years to refine the City’s comprehensive master plan, evaluate future projects and shape the City’s annual budget.

View the results of the citizen survey

Presentation of Citizen Survey Results

The citizen survey was conducted by OnPointe Insights utilizing their CityPOV citizen engagement tool. Ron Gailey, Founder and CEO, presented the survey results at the March 13 City Council meeting. View the presentation recording below.